with women in mind

I have always been passionate about female empowerment, both in the therapy space and everyday life. Over the years, as a psychologist, I often hear the same shared stories from women and girls from all walks of life. Stories of inequality, abuse and discrimination. Stories of body-hate and shame, obsession with their weight and eating; coupled with negative body image and no sense of self worth. Stories of women who can’t say no to others, who don’t feel good enough and women who feel obliged to prioritise other people’s needs over their own. Although each women has their own story to tell, there is always a thread of resemblance, and it is this sameness, these repeated stories and repeated struggles that draw me to work with women in mind.

Each week, I hope to post more content on the specific issues that women and girls face in our world today. My book reviews parallel this focus as does my Instagram account and other social media.

Empowered women, empower women.

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