For Moms & Dads

One of my passions is working closely with moms and dads during the exciting yet daunting, early period of their child’s life, to help strengthen that relationship and bond and receive much needed support and guidance.

Using my training in Parent-Infant Psychotherapy (PIP) I offer therapy sessions for pregnant parents, or parents trying to conceive, as well as joint sessions with parents and their children of 0-18 months old.

PIP is a dyadic intervention which involves working with the parent and infant together, with the aim of improving the parent-infant relationship and promoting infant attachment and optimal infant development. PIP aims to address both the parent and the infant’s emotional wellbeing.

Clients who would benefit from this type of intervention include:

  • Mothers who are suffering from post-natal depression or have experienced a traumatic birth
  • Parents (both moms and dads) who are struggling to form healthy attachments with their babies
  • Parents who struggle to soothe, feed or put their babies to sleep (no medical conditions otherwise indicated)
  • Any parent who is struggling emotionally after the birth of their baby and require support and therapeutic intervention


If you would like to book a session, please contact me below